(Families In Natural Environment Scale of Service Evaluation, FINESSE)
(Therapy Goals Information Form, TGIF)
(Examination of the Implementation of Embedded Intervention, through Observation, EIEIO)
-范德比爾特日常作息教學機會之生態相容性,教室版 [下載]
(Vanderbilt Ecological Congruence of Teaching Opportunities in Routines, Classroom Version, VECTOR 教室版)
(Goal Functionality Scale III)
(Practices for Instruction, Play, and Engagement Rating Scale, PIPERS)
-日常作息投入的教師評估量表 [下載]
(Scale for Teachers’ Assessment of Routines Engagement, STARE)
(Satisfaction with Home Routines Evaluation, SHoRE )
-家庭生活品質 [下載]
(Family Quality of Life-Autism Spectrum Disorder, FaQoL)